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Musk Turtles

Sternotherus odoratus

Country of Origin: Canada and the USA

The Musk turtle is a small species of turtle native to much of the eastern USA and the south of Canada. Unlike most turtle species who grow well in excess of 12 inches, musk turtles remain small and grow to around 6 inches.

Musk turtles are small black, grey or brown turtles with dome shaped shells. Their relatively long necks have yellow lines running down each side.

They are highly aquatic and spend the majority of their time in shallow water with plenty of vegetation, in slow rivers or ponds. They will venture onto land occasionally to bask and dry out, by climbing partially submerged tree trunks or branches. They may climb on these branches as high as 6ft above the water and they have been known to fall off these branches into passing boats or canoes.

They take their name from the pungent odour that they excrete from a small gland in their underside when threatened.

Gender:  and

Age/Size: MEDIUM-LAR / 10-15CM

Origin: CB

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