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Horsfield Tortoises

Agrionemys horsfieldii

Country of Origin: Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan

The Horsefield tortoise or Russian tortoise is one of the most commonly kept species of tortoise in the UK. They are a small tortoise species growing to 20cm with males growing slightly smaller than females. The Horsefield tortoise is the easternmost tortoise of all the Mediterranean tortoises and originates from southeast Russia, southward through eastern Iran and northwest Pakistan and Afghanistan. It typically inhabits dry barren environments such as rocky deserts and hillsides. It will hunt out springs or streams where vegetation is most abundant. Horsefield tortoises will dig shallow burrows in which they will hide away from the midday heat and will leave during mornings and early evenings to forage for food. Horsefield tortoises are a very long lived animal, and like most tortoises, may exceed 100 years of age. Horsefield tortoises can't thrive in our climate and all need a primary home indoors, though on warm sunny days, they may be let outside into the garden during the day time, but remember to ensure there is a shaded place available and the garden is secure.

Gender: NAS

Age/Size: 2015 / 5-6CM

Origin: CB

Price:   £79.95

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