Last Updated - 15 April 2017

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Fire Tessera Corn Snakes

Pantherophis guttatus

Country of Origin: North America

Corn Snakes make fantastic beginner snakes, and with a wide variety of colour variations to choose from, they make an attractive and exciting pet.

Corn snakes originate from North America and earn their name from the days when southern farmers stored harvested corn in a wooden building which attracted mice and other rodents. Corn snakes were commonly seen in these buildings hunting the rodents amongst the corn giving them their name.

In the wild, their natural habitat would be overgrown fields, forests, and are often found in disused farm buildings. They grow to an average size of 4-5ft in length and can live up to 20 years. Corn snakes make great first snakes as they are generally docile, take to handling very well and require a relatively simple set up and care.

Gender: NYS

Age/Size: 2016 / 25CM

Origin: CB

Price:   £79.95

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