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Bearded Dragons Adult

Pogona vitticeps

Country of Origin: Australia

Bearded Dragons are probably the most popular pet lizard and this is not without good reason; they are naturally very friendly and take to handling very well - making them very good beginner reptiles.

In the wild, Bearded Dragons inhabit the semi-arid woodlands, and rocky deserts of Central Australia. They are a medium sized lizard reaching approximately 2ft in length, with about half of that accounted for by the tail.

Their life expectancy tends to be around 10 years though some have been known to live longer than 15 years. Bearded Dragons communicate through visual displays both for breeding purposes as well as for dominancy determination. These displays may include arm waving, head bobbing and colour changes .

Gender:  and

Age/Size: 2-4 YEARS / 40-45CM

Origin: CB

Price:   £FROM 69.95 females and 19.95 males

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