Last Updated - 15 April 2017

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Green Tree Pythons (mixed Local)

Morelia viridis

Country of Origin: New Guinea, Indonesia and Cape York (Australia)

The Green Tree python are an attractive specie of python found across Asia and inhabits primarily rainforest, bushes, shrubs and trees. They grow to a decent size with some females reaching 6ft, but have a relatively slim body.

Green Tree pythons are primarily arboreal and have a characteristic way of resting on branches of trees where they loop one or two coils over the branches in a saddle position and rest their heads in the middle. This trait is shared by the Emerald Tree boa, which is also similar in appearance and can cause people to confuse the two species.

Green Tree pythons were thought to prey on birds however a study on the stomach contents of more than 1000 animals showed no evidence of avian prey. Instead prey is caught by holding onto a branch and striking out at animals below, such as small mammals and rodents. They tend to live longer than 15 years with the highest recorded age of 20 years.

Gender: NYS

Age/Size: 2014-15 / 60-120CM

Origin: CB

Price:   £FROM 349.95

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Green Tree Pythons (mixed Local)
Green Tree Pythons (mixed Local)

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