Last Updated - 09 January 2017

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Pink Toe Tarantula

Avicularia avicularia

Country of Origin: Brazil, Costa Rica and the Caribbean

Guyana Pinktoe tarantulas take their name from their dark bodies and contrasting pink feet as adults. A fully grown Pinktoe tarantula can reach a size of 12cm. They are a semi-arboreal specie and are opportunistic hunters and will sit and wait for prey to cross their path.

Guyana Pink Toes are found in rainforests throughout the Amazon Basin, where they will spend much of their time in trees and may build tunnelling webs in holes in tree trunks.

They are generally non-aggressive and tend to try to escape when threatened.

It has been suggested numerous times that Guyana Pink Toes can be housed communally. Whilst these spiders do tend to cohabit better than many other tarantulas, cannibalism will almost certainly occur at some point, so they are best housed individually.

Gender: NAS

Age/Size: MEDIUM-LAR / 6CM+

Origin: WC

Price:   £19.95

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