Last Updated - 09 January 2017

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Veiled Yemen Chameleons

Chamaeleo calyptratus

Country of Origin: Yemen, UAE and Saudi Arabia

The Veiled/Yemen Chameleon are a relatively large specie of chameleon. Males grow larger than females and can reach a length of around 2ft, with females reaching little over half that size.

Males also differ in appearance from females with their casque - the horn like growth on their head, which is much larger on males.

Yemen chameleons are primarily green in colour and patterned with stripes and yellow, red and blue spots. Their colour can change dramatically with their mood and can go from a dark brown such as when stressed, to bright lime green and yellow when threatened. Contrary to popular belief, the environmental surroundings play a fairly small part in a chameleons decision to alter its colour.

The tongue of a Yemen chameleon is not particularly sticky but catches prey by wrapping around and physically gripping insects. They are primarily insectivorous but will eat leaves blossoms and fruit of various plants especially in times of drought.

Yemen chameleons are by no means a beginner reptile as like many other chameleons they are very susceptible to stress. They are however one of the more hardy chameleons and if you are planning to begin keeping chameleons these are one of the best choices.

Gender:  and

Age/Size: 2015 / 10-15CM

Origin: CB

Price:   £MALE 54.95 FEMALE 44.95

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