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Dwarf Spiny-tailed Monitors

Varanus acanthurus

Country of Origin: Australia

Dwarf Spiny-Tailed monitors, or Dwarf Ackies - as they are commonly known, are a species of small monitor from Australia. They grow to a little over 2ft in length with the tail accounting for most of the length. Their bodies are dark brown on top with lighter yellow or red spots. Their tail, which is rounded and coated in spiny scales, gives them their name.

Dwarf Ackies are distributed across north-western Australia in the Northern Territory. They inhabit arid environments such as rocky ranges and outcrops, where they can search for shelter between those rocks and in the crevices. They are an active diurnal species and will often spend vast amounts of time exploring their surroundings looking for food, which mainly consist of insects.

They are usually non-aggressive though are often quite skittish when young. They have a typical lifespan of 10-15 years

Gender: 1.2

Age/Size: 2014-2015 / ~45CM

Origin: CB

Price:   £169.95 OR 479.95 GROUP

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