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Costa Rican Stripe Knee Tarantula

Aphonopelma seemanni

Country of Origin: Costa Rica

The Costa Rican Stripe Knee tarantula inhabits most of western Costa Rica as well as other parts of Central America. It is usually black with white stripes near the leg joints.

Costa Rican Stripe Knees are a terrestrial burrowing specie, where their burrows help protect them from the extremes of temperatures mid-afternoon and late evenings found in the regions they inhabit. They are typically found in open, semi-arid scrublands but can also be seen in cleared land and hillside highland tropical forests.

Costa Rican stripe knees can reach about 10-13cm leg span and females can live 20 years.

They are generally non-aggressive, but can be startled easily and can move quickly. They are also keen explorers and are known for being escape artists.

Gender: NAS

Age/Size: MEDIUM / 8CM+

Origin: WC

Price:   £39.95

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