Last Updated - 12 March 2017

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Water Dragons

Physignathus cocincinus

Country of Origin: South-east Asia

Green Water Dragons area medium sized lizard reaching a total length of 3ft and they can live 15 years. They are native to forests across Asia and are commonly found along the banks of freshwater lakes and streams. They are good climbers and will rest in trees overhanging water. They are also good swimmers and if threatened they will drop into the water and swim to safety or remain submerged for up to 25 minutes. Green Water Dragons have a photosensitive spot between their eyes which detects changes in light to help with basking and thermoregulation and also to help avoid predation by birds. They make good pets due to their generally docile temperament and the fact that they are diurnal and typically very active animals.

Gender: NAS

Age/Size: 2016 / 15CM+

Origin: CF

Price:   £27.95

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