Last Updated - 15 April 2017

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Giant African Spur Thigh Tortoise

Centrochelys sulcata

Country of Origin: Africa - Southern edge of the Sahara

The Giant African Spur Thigh tortoise originates from Africa, where it inhabits the southern edge of the Sahara desert. It is the third largest species of tortoise in the world and the largest species of tortoise not found on an island They grow to just under a metre long and can weigh nearly 100kg.

In the wild they live in semi-arid grasslands, savannahs and thorn shrublands. To escape the midday heat, Giant African Spur Thighs will dig burrows often more than 30inches deep to get to damper ground and some have been known to dig tunnels extending 10 feet or more.

They are a very long lived animal and they may live much longer than 150 years. In Senegal, these tortoises are signs of happiness, fertility and longevity.

No tortoise can thrive in our climate and all need a primary home indoors. Tropical tortoises, such as the Giant African Spur Thigh tortoises may however, be let out into the garden during the summer when the weather is hot and sunny but remember to ensure there is a shaded place available and the garden is secure.

Gender: NAS

Age/Size: 2017 / 5CM+

Origin: CB

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