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False Water Cobra

Hydrodynastes gigas

Country of Origin: South America

False Water Cobras are large snakes that can reach as large as 9ft in length, though typically range between 6-7ft. It is a medium bodied snake, generally around the thickness of a man's forearm, but is one of the heaviest colubrid species at full adult size.

False water cobras can be found through eastern Bolivia to southern Brazil and in Paraguay and Argentina. They typically live in wet, humid areas and marshlands within the tropical rainforests that are common throughout their geographic range.

The common name, False water cobra, is due to its ability to flatten its neck in a similar way to a cobra as a defence mechanism to make it appear larger and more intimidating. Unlike a true cobra, however, false water cobras stay in a more horizontal position when the hood rather than rearing and can flatten not only their neck but also further down the body.

False water cobras are renowned for being relatively intelligent animals and their temperament is typically defensive but can become fairly well behaved. They are probably the closest animal to DWA without needing a licence to keep. Their venom is mild, however a prolonged bite and envenomation can produce extensive and persistent pain and swelling.


Age/Size: 2016 / 60-100CM

Origin: CB

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