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Pastel Royal Python

Python regius

Country of Origin: Africa - from Senegal, Sierra Leone, Ghana to Cameroon, Chad and Sudan

Royal, or Ball Pythons are the smallest of the African pythons and typically reach no more than 4ft in length with females growing larger than the males. Royal pythons inhabit grasslands, savannahs and wooded areas across much of the African continent.

They take the name Ball python from the unusual defensive behaviour where they curl up into a ball around their heads when threatened. They are a fairly long lived snake with some known to live to 40 years and the oldest recorded animal reached 48 years old.

Royal pythons a revered by the Igbo people of Nigeria and are treated with great care and respect. If a snake enters a village it is given free roam or is gently removed. If a Royal python is accidentally killed, many Igbo communities will build a small coffin for the snake and give it a short funeral.

Royal pythons are a naturally docile animal and slow moving which makes them easy to handle and therefore a good beginners snake.


Age/Size: 2014 / 950g

Origin: CB

Price:   £119.95

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