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Wonder Geckos

Teratoscincus scincus

Country of Origin: South-west Asia to the Arabian Peninsula - Qatar, UAE, Oman

Wonder geckos originate from the Arabian Peninsula and inhabit desert and other arid areas, including sand dunes and gravel plains. They are fairly long lived and may exceed 15 years in captivity and will grow to a total length of 15cm. Wonder geckos are excellent diggers and will excavate burrows in which they will spend most of the day and will emerge at night to hunt. They have very fine scales, which more closely resemble fish scales than reptile scales and as such their skin is very delicate and can damage easily. If threatened, Wonder geckos will stand on tip-toe, with their mouths open and will shake their tail which produces a rattling noise.

Gender:  and

Age/Size: ADULT / 12CM

Origin: WC

Price:   £99.95 PER PAIR

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