Deluxe Spider and Invert Kit

The essential equipment you need.

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How this Kit Works

The Deluxe Spider and Scorpion kit is an extremely versatile kit, suitable for a whole host of invertebrates including tarantulas, scorpions, mantis, millipedes and roaches. It is based around a 30 x 30 x 30 Exo Terra glass terrarium and is a suitable size for nearly all species of tarantula. Some of the largest species, such as Goliath Birdeaters and some larger arboreal tarantulas such as the Ornamental spiders may be best in a slightly larger terrarium. The Exo Terra terrariums come with lockable glass doors and a secure mesh lid to make sure that your invert is safe and the enclosure is escape proof. Also included in the kit is a small heat mat, a bag of spider peat, a micro water dish and a small cork hide.

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Cage Lock

This addition keeps your animal safely in the enclosure. Often it is a more useful as a way of keeping unwanted attention out. Such as young children and other curious pets.

Digital Thermometer

As it says we will upgrade your analogue thermometer for a digital thermometer with probe. This will make it easier to read and less opening and closing your enclose to check it’s all work correctly. The digital thermometer is also more accurate and measures the temperature to an accuracy 0.1F.

Mat Stat

The primary source of heating in this style of set up is the heat mat and therefore it is a good idea to get yourself a thermostat to make sure that your heat mat does not over-heat your animal's enclosure. While this is very rare - especially with the heat mats we supply it is better to be safe than sorry!