Spider and Invert Kits

The essential equipment you need.

Basic Spider and Invert Kit

The Basic Spider and Scorpion kit is the perfect choice for someone who wants to start out with their first tarantula or scorpion. Spiders and scorpions have simple care requirements and this set up doesn’t make it any more complicated than necessary. This kit comes with a small glass tank, a small heat mat to keep your invert warm, a peat based substrate, a small hide and micro water dish. The tank is a suitable sized enclosure for most species of tarantula except for the largest species...

Deluxe Spider and Invert Kit

The Deluxe Spider and Scorpion kit is an extremely versatile kit, suitable for a whole host of invertebrates including tarantulas, scorpions, mantis, millipedes and roaches. It is based around a 30 x 30 x 30 Exo Terra glass terrarium and is a suitable size for nearly all species of tarantula. Some of the largest species, such as Goliath Birdeaters and some larger arboreal tarantulas such as the Ornamental spiders may be best in a slightly larger terrarium. The Exo Terra terrariums come with...

Why Our Kits

All our set ups have been carefully designed to give you and your animals everything that is needed. We take no compromises and don't cut corners. We don't include any unnecessary items. All of our wooden set ups are 15" deep and 15" high unless otherwise stated. All of our set ups come with a 20% discount.

We also where applicable include the option of aHabistat Dimming Thermostat for only £49.99 (RRP £63.68). We highly recommend using a thermostat to keep your animal safe from dangerous over-heating. Find more information on why thermostats are so important here.

Tailored Care Sheets

Each set up comes with a free tailored Care Sheet specific to your animal and set up. These care sheets are written by the staff at Reptiles Plus and are based around the way we, ourselves look after the animals in our care. As a retail AND wholesale business, we care for thousands of animals on a daily basis and have never experienced any set up related problems.

PLEASE NOTE: These care sheets have been written specifically to suit the equipment & set-ups provided at Reptiles Plus and the advice contained in these care sheets may NOT be suitable for other equipment provided elsewhere. For more info see the Care Sheet Page.

For any information on our animals or set ups please do not hesitate to call us and if you would like a "hard" copy of a caresheet download one from the care sheets page to print - or pop in and see us!

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