24" x 15" Leopard Gecko Kit

The essential equipment you need.

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How this Kit Works

The 24” x 15” Leopard Gecko kit is the minimum sized enclosure required for housing a single adult Leopard Gecko. It is also a great option for starting out with a Leopard gecko, which may find a 36” set up too intimidating initially, with an aim to upgrading in the future to a 36” set up.

The 24” x 15” kit includes everything needed to start out with a leopard gecko. Heating is provided for by a spot bulb and a small heat mat. The kit also comes with a small bag of substrate, £5 worth of cork bark for hides, water dish, thermometer, and vitamins. All our set ups are designed to be suitable for a particular animal as they are, but a variety of upgrade options are available to make the kit even better for your animal.

We personally highly recommend the addition of a Compact or Tube UVB bulb. Despite being nocturnal, studies have shown that Leopard geckos greatly benefit from the addition of a UVB bulb and it can help prevent serious irreversible illnesses such as MBD.

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Thermostat / Digital Thermostat

If you only go for one extra piece of kit with your set up this is the one to get. We cannot stress how important and useful a thermostat is. The only reason we don’t include it in the kit is because, it tends to be the only piece of kit people keep from kits they are upgrading. Not having one is very time consuming and can potentially be very dangerous. As your home changes temperature (ie central heating on and off) so will your tank without a thermostat. The addition of a Habistat Dimming thermostat automatically dims or brightens your heating source depending on the pre-set temperature you choose. This will keep your animal safe from dangerous overheating. Plus give your animal a stable set of temperatures with which to regulate its body temperature effectively.

Digital Dimming with Day/Night

The digital thermostats are much the same as the basic ones discussed above, but with some added benefits. You will get a digital readout, added safety cut off and a separate channel for putting an extra electrical item on a timer. The Digital thermostat will also allow you to program a controlled night time drop in temperature (very useful for many chameleons). Plus it will give you a permanent readout off the current temperature inside your enclosure on an easy to read display.


Moonlight Bulb and Ceramic Fitting

This upgrade came about after new opinions regarding night time darkness. We quite often advise keeping heating running 24hr a day (where appropriate) due to most homes getting far too cold for the reptiles in question if your normal incandescent light were to be turned off. This option allows for the replacement of a longer lasting fitting made of ceramic. In addition your bulb is replaced with a top quality Moonlight dark bulb that produces far less light than a normal bulb. Meaning your animal can regulate its temp day and night. Whist getting the night time darkness it would prefer.

Cage Lock

This addition keeps your animal safely in the enclosure. Often it is a more useful as a way of keeping unwanted attention out. Such as young children and other curious pets.

Digital Thermometer

As it says we will upgrade your analogue thermometer for a digital thermometer with probe. This will make it easier to read and less opening and closing your enclose to check it’s all work correctly. The digital thermometer is also more accurate and measures the temperature to an accuracy 0.1F.

Compact UVB Lighting

We cannot recommend this upgrade/addition strongly enough. It has been long debated that leopard geckos and nocturnal/crepuscular geckos don’t require artificial UV in their enclosure. While it is true that many people have kept these animals without UV and had no issues,the simple truth is many do have problems that can be simply avoided by this addition. Many geckos have fine skin that can absorb vast quantities of UV in a short time - Leopard geckos and Crested geckos are prime example. Leopard geckos are active at dusk and dawn so do see low UV and don’t live so far underground that it is pitch dark. Some research has shown that they can absorb 14 times more UV than a bearded dragon. Crested geckos see plenty of scattered light under the canopy. This upgrade works in conjunction with plenty of hiding places and foliage. Please remember that while you can add a UV at a later date to prevent a potential problem getting worse it cannot be reversed.