Small Chamaleon Kit

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How this Kit Works

Chameleons can be a challenging reptile to keep, however the most complicated (and important) part of keeping a chameleon happy and healthy is achieving a suitable environment for them to live in. With this in mind, we have designed our Chameleon Set ups to be safe, efficient and fool-proof so that you can be confident that your chameleon will thrive in one of our set ups. Our vivaria are custom built by ND and are designed to be resistant to regular spraying. A set of ND vents at the top of the enclosure provided good ventilation. Heating is provided by a ceramic heat bulb, which is controlled by a Pulse Proportional Thermostat and surrounded by a cage guard. UVB is produced by a 12% Arcadia T8 tube and reflector. Also included is a bag of substrate and a pouch of vitamins.

The Small Chameleon set up is primarily designed for smaller chameleon species and suitable for up to an adult male Panther Chameleon. For larger species, such as Yemen (Veiled) Chameleons, the Medium Chameleon set up should be used. The kit does not include décor and plants as you will likely want to get creative with plenty of branches, foliage and cork bark. Filling your chameleon’s enclosure with places to climb and plenty of foliage is vital to ensuring that your chameleon will be comfortable and feel safe in its enclosure. When you buy this kit from one of our stores, you get a 15% DISCOUNT on all decor and foliage!

Upgrades are available to make this kit even better for your chameleon. Most notable is the upgrade from T5 UV lighting to an Arcadia Slimline T8 unit. Not only are these an attractive upgrade, they are also beneficial to your animal’s health and often help to really bring out and brighten the colours of chameleons. A digital Temp thermostat is also worth considering, as this has additional functions to the analogue Pulse stat, such as a custom Day/Night temperature setting and a timer for the UV lighting.

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Digital Temperature Thermostat (with Day/Night function)

The digital thermostats are much the same as the analogue ones, but with some added benefits. You will get a digital readout, added safety cut off and a separate channel for putting an extra electrical item on a timer. The Digital thermostat will also allow you to program a controlled night time drop in temperature. This feature is especially useful for Panther Chameleons, who benefit from a slight drop in night-time temperature. Plus it will give you a permanent readout of the current temperature inside your enclosure on an easy to read display.


Digital Thermometer

As it says we will upgrade your analogue thermometer for a digital thermometer with probe. This will make it easier to read and less opening and closing your enclose to check it’s all work correctly. The digital thermometer is also more accurate and measures the temperature to an accuracy 0.1F.

Cage Lock

This addition keeps your animal safely in the enclosure. Often it is a more useful as a way of keeping unwanted attention out. Such as young children and other curious pets.

T5 UVB Lighting

Arcadia T5 tubes are, in our opinion the very best way of giving your animal the best quality and most natural UV there is on the market right now. The unit itself is a beautifully neat self-contained tube, starter and reflector. It has only the one splash proof wire. Meaning, no more dangling wires, or having to find a neat place to put the starter. That’s not all. The UV it self lasts a year before needing to be replaced. Plus the UV radiation will travel up to 4ft from the unit, perfect for taller vivariums. We have noticed that Chameleon's colours have been greatly enhanced by the addition of T5 units over lower quality UV tubes.