Small Amphibian Kit

The essential equipment you need.

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How this Kit Works

The 30 x 30 x 45 Amphibian kit can be used for a range of small amphibians such as, a USA Green/Grey Tree frog, a Golden Flying frog, Golden Mantellas, or Clown Tree frogs, for example – as well as those frogs mentioned in the 30 x 30 x 30 kit. Other slightly larger frogs may be housed in this enclosure temporarily and moved up to a larger terrarium as they outgrow this 30 x 30 x 45 Terrarium.

The kit is based around an Exo Terra glass Terrarium, perfect for animals which need more humid environments and don’t require high temperatures. The set-up is heated by a small High Powered heat mat, which is controlled by a Mat-Stat, to ensure that the temperature inside the terrarium is exactly what your animal needs. UVB lighting is included with a 30cm Exo Terra canopy and Compact UVB bulb.

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Cage Lock

This addition keeps your animal safely in the enclosure. Often it is a more useful as a way of keeping unwanted attention out. Such as young children and other curious pets.

Digital Thermometer

As it says we will upgrade your analogue thermometer for a digital thermometer with probe. This will make it easier to read and less opening and closing your enclose to check it’s all work correctly. The digital thermometer is also more accurate and measures the temperature to an accuracy 0.1F.