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Free snake and lizard sexing, Reptile boarding and Claw Clipping

Reptile Holiday Service

If you're thinking of going on holiday but are struggling to find someone to look after your animal, then why not give yourself peace of mind and let our expert staff look after your pet?

From £2 a day for snakes and £3 for lizards and tortoises (per animal). Additional animals are charged at half price, so a pair of bearded dragons will cost £4.50 per day. Includes all food and dietary supplements, appropriate vivarium with all necessary equipment and daily care.

Where possible, we try to house any holiday animals off-display. If this is something that is important to you our Bournemouth branch has a dedicated section, not open to the public, where we house holiday animals. Make sure you book your animal in with us at least 2 weeks prior and we will make sure your animal can be housed in our holiday area.

Download and fill in the holiday form before you come in to save time when dropping your animal off to us.

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01202 421117 (Bournemouth)

Snake and Lizard Sexing

We offer free snake sexing to anyone who would like to find out the sex of their snake. It is an invasive process but when performed correclty by an experienced individual it causes minimal discomfort for the animal. This knowledge does dissuade some people from having their animal probed - but if you are still keen to find out the gener of your snake pop it in to see us free of charge.

We can accurately sex most lizards including bearded dragons from birth. It is an unobtrusive process and we offer this service completely free. If you are interested, give us a call to check that your lizard is not one of the few species that can't be sexed reliably and pop on down to see us.

Whilst we are very accurate at sexing snakes and lizards, we can never offer a 100% guarantee.

Claw Clipping

One of the other free services on offer at Reptiles Plus is a Claw Clipping service. If your lizard's claws are overgrown, pop it down to see us and we can clip its claws there and then. We can also clip the claws of compliant tortoises too but cant perform beak trimming. Unfortunately we can't offer claw clipping for hedgehogs - in this case a veterinarian is the best person for the job and we can recommend a good one if needed.

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