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Get the quality of Reptiles Plus' animals and dry goods delivered to your door!

At Reptiles Plus, we can take orders by phone for both animals and any dry goods (excludes vivaria and glass tanks). After your order is placed and a collection date has been arranged with a courier, it will be appropriately and safely packaged on collection day. We have a great deal of experience in safely transporting animals.

Before placing an order with us ensure that you read and understand the terms and conditions which can be downloaded in the .pdf below or here. These terms and conditions will be sent to you via email or post upon placing an order with us and you will need to confirm and agree to them before your order can be sent.

Visit our Stocklist Pages to see what animals we currently have in stock.

How we Deliver

We have been sending out our quality animals to our customers for a long time now via courier, and it has been running incredibly smoothly and successfully.

Place your order with us in 3 easy steps:

  • Give us a ring to place your order for any animals or dry goods you would like.
  • Contact to arrange a delivery time and organise payment for delivery.
  • Let us know once you have a confirmed delivery date, and we will make sure your animal is carefully prepped for transit on collection day.

Animal Courier is a 3rd party courier but they are one of the cheapest courier services out there, and are also incredibly reliable and you can be sure that your animal will arrive safely after you place your order. We have arranged with them that customers of our recieve a special reduced rate compared to private individuals.

Not only can we send animals via our tried and tested courier we can also supply the majority of dry goods including substrates, livefoods and frozen foods.

If you havent already done so, it is certainly worth downloading a copy of our catalogue to see what we stock as our buying power allows us to have very competitive prices on all of our products. We can also offer discounts for bulk purchases - particularly for substrates and foodstuffs.

Download the terms and conditions here:

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