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We offer a range of reptile bedding including a range of substrates suitable for all types of snakes, tortoises, lizards amphibians and spiders and for reptiles from various habitats.

The substrates we supply have been chosen by us as being some of the best available and for the best price. Many of the substrates that we stock are bought in huge quantities by us and we then personally and individually bag the substrates ourselves in a range of different sizes to make our substrates as affordable as possible.

Wood Chippings

Our Wood Chip based range includes the most popular Orchid bark chippings, suitable for many of the most commonly kept reptiles, including Bearded dragons, Corn snakes, Leopard geckos and Hermann's tortoises. We also supply Aspen bedding - a particularly popular bedding for snake keepers; Beech chippings, suitable for animals from dryer climates, such as Horsefield tortoises, and Bosc's monitors; and Lignocel - a relatively new substrate that has proven to be very popular with a range of animals.

Other Substrates

We also supply a range of sands and sand/soil mixes, including Lucky Reptile's Desert sand and Red clay sand, and their Sand/Soil mix Desert bedding and Red Desert bedding. Many tortoise keepers like to use sand/soil mixes to encourage digging and burrowing behaviour and for this we supply ProRep's Tortoise Life bedding, a sand/soil mix substrate designed specifically for tortoises.

For amphibian terraria and some arboreal gecko habitats, we often recommend the use of sphagnum moss in combination with a peat based underlayer. Our sphagnum moss comes in three sizes (small ~500g, medium ~1kg and bulk ~2kg). Our peat substrate is mixed ourselves and includes vermiculite to improve it's absorbant properties and help prevent mould growth. Our peat substrate (often named "spider substrate"), is as the name suggests, an ideal substrate for use with tarantulas and many other invertebrates.

Our substrates are available in various sizes from 5lt (suitable for 2ft sized enclosures) right up to bulk sized bags which would be able to cover the base of a 6ft x 2ft sized tank several times over! Bulk bags are available for the most popular substrates: Orchid Bark, Beech Chipping, and Aspen Bedding.

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