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Reptile Livefoods Unlike many other reptile shops, we make our tubs and bags of insects fresh every single day! This means that our insects last longer, reducing waste of insects if they don't survive long enough for feeding time. We always have large quantities of insects available to buy in bulk (bags) or in tubs. Our insect stock is always kept well fed and carefully managed ensuring that it is healthy and nutritional for your animal.

Tubs of insects are only £2.50* and bring back your empty insect tub(s) clean and receive 25p off the tub(s) you buy to replace it. We now also do discounts when buying multiple tubs of insects. This is in addition to our discounts on bulk bagged insects - whose prices have also been reduced!

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Live Mealworms

Live MealwormsMealworms are simple and clean and make a delicious high-protein treat, suitable for all types of birds, from blackbirds to robins.

We always have plenty of live mealworms in stock which are a great food source for wild garden birds. We sell live mealworms in various quantities: a tub for £2.50, 250g for £5.49, 500g for £8.99, 1Kg for £16.99 and 2Kg £29.99.

Garden birds will eat many different types of foods, but species that particularly enjoy mealworms are: Blackbirds, Blackcaps, Blue tits, Dunnocks, Starlings, Great tits, House sparrows, Long-tailed tits, Robins, Song Thrushes.

Frozen Foods

Frozen Mice and Rats We supply a wide variety of frozen food for snakes, carnivorous lizards and other reptiles, as well food suitable for birds of prey.

We stock other quality frozen foods such as quail, all sizes of mice and rats from pinkies to giant as well as small to giant rabbits and if you don't see what you're looking for we may still have it in stock, so please give us a call. In the rare event that we don't have what you need we may well be able to get it for you, again please give us a call and we would be happy to help.

Day Old Chicks

Raptor/ Bird of Prey Food We always have a large quantity of day old chicks in stock in various quantities. They are a great cost effective way of feeding birds of prey.

We sell chicks individually at £0.15 but also have them available in bulk quantities of 50's at £4.49 and in boxes of approximately 200 for £15.00. Own lots of large birds? Buy 5 Boxes for only £59.00!

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