A background on some of the products we stock in-store


We stock a wide range of decor for you to fill your animals' enclosures with, including caves and hides, corner ramps, stacks, rock outcrops and other climbing equipment.

We look for only the best equipment to sell in our shop and supply a wide range of Exo Terra products, as well as Komodo products and a variety of products sourced from smaller and local companies.

Caves, hides and other decor are not only for aesthetic purposes, but provide your animals with places to hide away and feel secure. Providing your animal with hides is essential to their well-being and - contrary to what you might expect - the more hiding places you provide, the more likely you are to see your animal out and about and behaving naturally!

Cork Bark

Cork bark - the reptile terrarium decor staple. All our cork bark has been pretreated to guarantee that it is clean and safe for immediate use.

Cork bark is incredibly versatile. It can be used as hiding places, climbing equipment, decoration or even as floating platforms in aquatic environments such as in turtle tanks or aquatic frog tanks.

Cork bark comes in a range of sizes and whilst we keep a small basket on display in the shop, we usually have anything from 5-10X the amount stored off display and are happy to try and find a desired size/shape. Our cork is typically priced individually on the underside in permanent marker and is comparatively cheap compared to other alternatives.

Bog Wood

Bog Wood allows you to create a natural and exotic setting for your attractive terrarium or aquatic set up. It is a material from trees that have been buried in peat bogs and preserved from decay by the acidic and anaerobic bog conditions, sometimes for hundreds or even thousands of years.

It comes in a variety of interesting shapes and sizes, all of which are on display in our shop and range in price from a few, to £40 for the largest pieces.

Being a natural product, it may contain tannins that will change the colour of any water that it might be sitting in. The tannins are harmless but can be removed by rinsing the wood with boiling water and leaving it to stand in a bucket of water for a week or so.

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