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General Husbandry, Advanced Husbandry - Posted on 28 Dec 2013 by Andy

Two Bearded DragonsAs you will probably know, reptiles are a very low maintenance pet and it can therefore be very tempting to consider buying multiple animals and housing them together. However, even in optimal conditions, two animals may simply not “get along”. Here we give you the advice to give you the best possible chance for success.

General Husbandry, Health Issues - Posted on 23 Dec 2013 by admin-blog

Mader, D.R., 2006. Metabolic Bone Disorders – Reptile Medicine and SurgeryMetabolic Bone Disease (MBD) is a name given to a group of conditions that are unfortunately widespread in the reptile trade. MBD primarily affects the bone structure, often weakening it, making it prone to fractures and breaks. If left untreated, it is usually fatal, either directly or indirectly.

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Product Info - Posted on 20 Dec 2013 by admin-blog

Lucky Reptile DripperThe Lucky Reptile Dripper - a potentially very handy bit of kit - especially for those with chameleons, crested geckos or other animals that prefer to drink from running water or water droplets. But unfortunately it doesn't sell well - due in part it seems to the fact that no-one knows how to fit it.


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