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Product Info, Special Offers - Posted on 23 Jan 2014 by Andy

Baby BoasBreeding season is just beginning and our own dwarf and albino boas are just coming out of brumation and we’re keeping our fingers tightly crossed for some babies in a few months’ time. If you’re planning on breeding some of your animals it can be one of the most rewarding things you can do.

If you’re looking for ways to incubate any eggs you may be expecting we have a few ideas for you. If you’re aiming for 100’s of offspring then your best bet is to build your own incubator and we can help you with this – just give us a call or come and see us in store. However, if it’s your first time breeding or you’re breeding a medium number of offspring, there’s a couple of great products that can help make your experience successful.

The Egg-O-Bator

Egg-O-BatorIf you can excuse the frankly terrible name, the Egg-O-Bator is a great choice for first time breeders. It can store approximately 3 breeding tubs and is incredibly simple to use. It simply plugs into the wall and you can choose between three temperature settings: 26oC, 29oC and 32oC. A range that has been designed specifically to cater for a wide range of reptiles, including the most commonly kept species such as corn snakes, royal pythons, bearded dragons and leopard geckos.

The casing of the incubator is very well insulated, which minimises any influence from the outside temperature and also guaranteeing a really low energy consumption of just 5w/h on average. In addition, at the time of writing we’re running a 25% discount on the Egg-O-Bator so it’s something certainly worth considering!

The Herp Nursery 2

Herp Nursery 2The Herp Nersury 2 is the next model up from the Egg-O-Bator with more space and more features! It can now store up to 24 cricket tub sized boxes in a two tier system. The device is multifunctional and is equipped with a peltier-system which allows it to both cool and heat making it suitable for use as an incubator but also for hibernating animals. It can switch automatically between heating and cooling to maintain a desired temperature and unlike most other incubators will automatically enter cooling mode if the desired temperature is surpassed, preventing loss of eggs due to overheating. Another cause of egg loss is often due to poor ventilation – combined with the high humidity can cause mould build up. The Herp Nursery’s fan helps draw in clean air and remove stale air to help minimise this problem.

Herp Nursery 2The temperature can be set to anywhere from 5oC-60oC and can be defined in 1oC increments and a digital readout displays the current temperature in the middle. There is a slight difference of approx. 2oC between the top/bottom shelf of the incubator which is to be expected so it may be worth getting an additional thermometer to double check the temperature at different levels. Like the Egg-O-Bator, the Herp Nursery is well insulated and energy efficient, using approximately 10w/h on average. It has a large clear front window for easy monitoring of your incubating eggs and also has an inbuilt LED to further light up the inside. At the time of writing, the Herp Nursery 2 is also reduced by 25%, so come see us in store if you want to take a look or ask for more info.


As always, we’re happy to answer any questions you may have about breeding reptiles, such as incubation medium, care of gravid animals and other care, so please see us in store or give us a call.


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