Fitting The Lucky Reptile Dripper

Product Info - Posted on 20 Dec 2013 by admin-blog

Lucky Reptile Dripper BackThe Lucky Reptile Dripper - a potentially very handy bit of kit - especially for those with chameleons, crested geckos or other animals that prefer to drink from running water or water droplets. But unfortunately it doesn't sell well - due in part it seems to the fact that no-one knows how to fit it.

In fairness, the fitting isn't especially intuitive. In the box with the dripper itself is a small tube of silicone sealant and a metal plate with two Velcro pads attached. So how do you go about fitting this to your enclosure?

Lucky Reptile Dripper FixingFirst detach the second Velcro pad - the one not glued to the plate... this Velcro pad needs to be stuck to the wall of your enclosure using the silicone provided where you want the dripper to be sat. Put plenty of silicone on the back of this Velcro pad and stick it to the wall of the tank. 

Once the silicone has dried - usually best to leave it overnight - attach the metal plate to the wall via the Velcro pads. Now all you need to do is slot the corresponding plate that's screwed to the back of the dripper onto the plate now attached to the wall of your tank and you're done!

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