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New Animals - Posted on 23 Feb 2017 by Andy

Phyllomedusa tomopterna

Tiger Leg Monkey frogs are found in pristine tropical rainforests where they tend to live on trees around temporary  pools during the wet season. Where they can sometimes be heard calling from overhanging leaves after the rains.

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General Husbandry, Product Info - Posted on 03 Mar 2015 by Andy

It is a debate that has been ongoing for many years – whether to keep a tortoise in a table-top style enclosure or a wooden vivarium? The fact of the matter is that both enclosures can be made to be suitable for housing most species of tortoise and if set up correctly, neither option is right or wrong. However, we far prefer the use of enclosed wooden vivaria for housing tortoises and we thought we would take the time to briefly explain why.

General Husbandry, Health Issues, Advanced Husbandry - Posted on 29 Jan 2015 by Andy

Lizard not Eating

Anorexia is an all too common and frustrating problem encountered in reptile husbandry. Anorexia is a symptom, not a disease. Anorexia can be triggered by a host of issues and it can be difficult to narrow down the problem, however 9 out of 10 times the cause is husbandry related and once identified, can be resolved easily.

General Husbandry - Posted on 22 Feb 2014 by Andy

Tortoise vegetablesWith so many fruits and vegetables to choose from nowadays, it can be challenging to know which foods are most nutritional for your reptiles. We provide a small list of good and bad foods on our relevant care sheets, but this is far from extensive, so we thought that it would be a good idea to cover a wider range of fruits and vegetables, how beneficial they are and list some dangerous foods to avoid.


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